stp: Strib Pushes for University Ave. LRT

The Strib interrupted their breaking shopping news with an Op-Ed about University Avenue development, complete with an opinion about the bus barn, ideas for TOD, and a hefty price tag:
Rezoning the corridor for transit-oriented development, opposed by Randy Kelly's administration, would make a good beginning. A new Lowe's, Best Buy and SuperTarget might still be possible. But their designs should be compatible with a city lifestyle that depends less on the auto for every trip. Questioning Metro Transit's bus garage deal on Snelling Avenue is imperative. Does it make sense to sell transit-owned land next to a future LRT station without requiring that any new development would complement transit?

Let's go, Light Rail!

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Andrew said...

Hello again,
I am assuming from the "Go LRT" comment at the end of this post that you are pro LRT for the University Avenue Corridor. If that is the case, you should check out the post I made in September on the Central Corridor. This semester I had the opportunity to work with Transit for Livable Communities and do some research involving the corridor. Feel free to look it over, it would be good to have some more comments on it from the world of bloggerdom.