stp: Grand Avenue neighborhood plan

The folks at Amore Coffee over on Grand and Milton are big proponents of the street's formula moratorium. They've posted a sheet outlining the proposed neighborhood plan, that would end up in the city code:
Adopt TN2 design guidelines for East Grand Avenue, without changing the underlying zoning designation.

Limit new buildings to a footprint of 25,000 sq ft or less.

Limit new building total size, above ground, to 75,000 st ft or less, including (aboveground) parking.

Limit building height to 30' for commercial, and 36' for mixed-use projects (or 3 stories, whichever is lower). No additional height for setbacks.

Prohibit fast food restaurants (high volume restaurants), including in multi-tenant buildings.

Elimate the "rule of five" and other grandfathered parking supply exceptions.

Consider a formula business cap to maintain indy businesses.

They also have "unchain America" Lance Armstrong-type wristbands for sale. They're red. And, they have links and pamphlets for the new local TC indy business association. (It was started by Umansky, of the late-ex-Hungry Mind.)

That's the kind of multi-pronged, sustained effort it will take to compete with big corporate interests. Go Grand Avenue!

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