stp: Bike lanes, finally

St Paul has at long last gotten its act together, and put some bike lanes in.

Como Avenue from University to Dale was repaved and reduced from four lanes down to two (+ a bike lane).

John Ireland Blvd was repaved from the capitol to the cathedral, and reduced from four lanes down to two (+ a bike lane).

The only question is, what took them so long? This kind of change makes all the difference. It slows down too-fast traffic and makes it safe for pedestrians and bikers.

Extra points because: the new bike lane icon has a helmet on.


MNObserver said...

Getting public works to ever reduce the capability of a street to carry traffic is always difficult. Over the years, though, many have turned over to the two-lanes-plus-a-turn-lane configuration that allows room for a bike lane. Summit, Fairview, Grand, Marshall -- all used to be foiur travel lanes. One recent change was a small segment of West 7th, and you'd think that neighbors were asking Public Works to ban care, so negative was the reaction.

We're hoping that the recent regime change in the City will make bike and pedestrian friendly appointees the norm.

Nice to meet you last night!

Wm said...

I am also thinking that Cleveland or Cretin, and Marshall would be great candidates for a bike lane.

Wm said...

Plus, W 7th will get there. It might take a while, but that's a street to watch. I love that little coffee shop there.

MNObserver said...

Ban CARS, I meant to say ban CARS.

Not ban care. Damn, I can't type.

Which coffee shop, if I dare ask....?

Wm said...

there is some little hole in the wall called 'arts cafe' or something, over across the street from the brewery. the people there are chatty and laid back, and there's an old piano.

MNObserver said...

That's the one owned in part by Ward 2 Council Member Dave Thune, the evil force behind the once (and future) smoking ban in St. Paul bars and restaurants.

It's a much nicer place now that the ethanol plant is closed.

Put your urban design hat on and give us all some takes on the brewery property one of these days.