mpls: Bad Waitress opens at 26th and Nicollet

The Bad Waitress, the new effort by the folks who brought you Spyhouse, opened on Tuesday. It's a big change to the corner, and, frankly, Nicollet Avenue feels great. I'm seeing bikes and people and all sorts of life. I think people feel more secure now that there's something other than a parking lot occupying the space on this corner. Once people start moving into the condos upstairs, it'll get even better.

Erica Christ across the street at the Black Forest told me that she had been looking forward to this place opening, and more density for the neighborhood. Most people who live here already, though, insist that parking spaces are needed. I suppose they're right, only it's too bad, because a whole half-block of this building's street front space is being used by a parking lot.

Of course, not everything is going according to plan. The Bad Waitress, which had hoped to close its kitchen at 3 p. m. every day, is going to start keeping it open until 10. Apparently nobody has been showing up just to hang out here, given that the Spyhouse is only a block away.

Spoiler Alert:

You should know that there are no waitresses here.


Anonymous said...

I like that place. Do you know when the 10pm thing starts? I thought the 3pm kitchen closing was curious. Maybe selling two one-dollar coffees per hour makes them more money than selling food to people who leave right away makes them more money. who knows?

Nice blog, it's nice to see someone in Minneapolis who doesn't run away in fear at the thought of an empty parking lot turning into a condo or other development

Wm said...

Thanks. the new kitchen hours start 11/22, i think.