Sidewalk of the Week: Burgess Street

This week's sidewalk lies outside the site of last weekend's triple homicide, and about six blocks from my house. Even though the family that lived here is gone, people walking to this point have used the sidewalk to mark their presence, the fact that they have noticed, to symbolize their loss. Flowers, teddy bears, candles, and baloons gather together here, forming a community of tragic memory.


Sidewalk Flotsam #1

Making our sidewalks safer, one mattress at a time. Or: Yes, the old lady slipped and fell on the ice, but luckily she landed on a safety mattress!

[University Avenue & Highway 280, Minneapolis MN]

The "broken window theory" at work in a Saint Paul alley.

[Western and Front Avenues, Saint Paul MN]

What was the old saying? I think it was, "When you get to a fork in the road, take its picture."

[Western and Front Avenues, Saint Paul MN]


Those who Live in Ice Houses should not Throw Snowballs

My house is not the most insulated knife in the drawer, and after the snow and the sun come the sheets of icicle. The large one, blown up in this photo, is probably over six feet long.