mpls: New Eliot Park condo tower on Park Ave

Speaking of Eliot Park, the Downtown Journal has another story on condo/community relations:

The city is inviting public comment on the 1010 Park development, two sets of condo towers that would rise up to 40 stories - or 459 feet - above the Elliot Park neighborhood.
The project will rise above the block's existing Baker and Enger buildings, RS Eden and Balmoral apartments, the Learning Center and the historic Hinkle-Murphy mansion. The Enger building will be incorporated into the lobby of the east tower, according to the EAW; early plans were to move the building to a different location on the block. Current Enger tenant Outsiders and Others Gallery will occupy the Hinkle-Murphy mansion.

Susan Braun, Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc. (EPNI) executive director, said that Heritage Development has been “very responsive” about retaining current businesses, such as Gallery Atitlan and E.P. Atelier cafĂ© - both in the Baker Building on 10th Street. “That was part of the deal with the neighborhood,” Braun said.

Downtown density is great, but that area is changing so quickly your head spins. Public comment is due by 11/23.


I went by this corner today, after eating at the Band Box. This area could definately use some more structural density. It's rife with open space and parking lots. At the same time, old buildings like the Drexel Apts. Hotel and the Hinkle-Murphy mansion need to be preserved. They are our historical legacy, and if this project does what is says it will do, I'm giving it my seal of approval.

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