roseville: Big Box "Twin Lakes" Still On Ice

I've heard a bit about this project up in Roseville, where some developers are trying to get the city to pay TIF money to clean up what had been an environmentally-messy site so that they can redevelop it into a mixed-use big-box/housing complex.

The project pits the mayor and a city councilmember against the rest of the city council, two of whom were recently re-elected. Here's the PiPress update on what's happening now:

A property owner in Roseville has sued the city and developers for making a "low-ball" offer to purchase its properties in the planned Twin Lakes redevelopment, alleging that is a tactic that would lead to an improper use of eminent domain.
The city has granted approval to the master developer, the Rottlund Cos., to build 730 housing units, 225,000 square feet of office space and 325,000 square feet of shops and restaurants in the area north and east of Cleveland Avenue and County Road C.

Roseville City Hall has seen it's share of scandal, and the election has to be good news for people who want to see somehting else happen to this land. Right now is a critical time, even though, a judge recetly rejected another environmental review. Of course, inner ring infill is great. What isn't great is seeing taxpayers subsidize Big Box/development profits...

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