mpr: citizen activism from the citizens league

MPR's Kerri Miller had a good show today on democratic involvement. In the light of the low turnout numbers in the TC this week, it's a nice topic.

The talk was hosted by the phoenix-esque Citizens League, and featured Richard Horwood who is an expert on the history of citizen involvement. He said something about how too often development discussions are between people who are 100% pro-growth or 100% anti-growth, and that the vast majority of people are in the middle, trying to control or contain growth, and direct in a certain way.

I couldn't agree more, though I found the rest of what Horwood had to say to be a bit banal.

Anyway, I like what the Citizens League is trying to do. I'm thinking it's in the same vein as the Westminster Town Hall Forum, only more locally focused. Getting the mainstream to meet up can't be a bad thing.

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