stp: Downtown Housing Quasi-Boom

A quick glance at unknown local paper The Saint Paul Downtown Voice finds two stories about turning downtown StP back into a residential neighborhood.


  • The new buildings at the upper landing (under the high bridge) are selling. Apparently one buildilng housing 53 units is amost full. (those units retail at $219K – $580K.) There are around 120 more units available in the complex.
  • Around 25-30 of Lander development’s “printers row” units (on East 9th St. downtown) have been sold. Those prices range from $159K - $550K, and there are 84 total units.

Add to this the LoTo restaurant finally doing something positive with 80’s boondoggle Galtier Plaza, and downtown Saint Paul might actually, eventually, maybe, someday have more people than pigeons.

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The Gust said...

I'd have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of downtown St Paul. The December 2005 issue of the Twin Cities Business Journal says otherwise.