mpls: Lake Calhoun Condo Kaput

The Lander Group's proposal for a condo at 2622 Lake Street, right at Lake Calhoun, is no more -- this according to the Mpls Observer:
The Lander Group, which had proposed a six-story mixed-use development across Lake Street from Lake Calhoun, withdrew its project today—before the City Council could vote it down.

The project, at 2622 W. Lake Street, had attracted criticism from neighborhood groups because it violated the zoning code related to height in the Shoreland Overlay District near the lake. The city’s Planning Commission had earlier concurred with the critics and denied Lander a conditional use permit that would allow the developer to circumvent the zoning restrictions.

There was “significant” neighborhood opposition to the project, Council Member Lisa Goodman said. The withdrawal “gives the neighborhoods and the developer a chance to move forward together on this project.”

Take that, Star Tribune Editorial Page...

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