density&diversity: State Transit Funding 2006

The environmental lobbying group, ME3 (Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy) had an update on transit funding efforts at the state level in their most recent newsletter. After last year's near-almost victory, it'll be interesting to see how many Republicans put pressure on the Gov. to sign something progressive in an election year.

Here's what ME3 says:

ME3 and Transit Partneres will continue efforts to obtain funding for the transportation choices Minnesota citizens need and deserve. We will also be working with a broad coalition of business, transit, and environmental groups to promote the passage of the constitutional amendment to dedicate the motor vehincle sales tax to transportation in the 2006 general election. Economically sound and environmentally friendly transportatoin policy options are available. Stay tuned for ways you can help make them state law in the next legislative session.

This is a great group to support if you want to see better transit choices, as is Transit for Liveable Communities.

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