Twin City Lampposts #2

[A black plastic lamppost.]

[A light green lamppost with black non-pointed top and blue concrete base.]

[A grey-brown lamppost with matching pointed top.]

[A two-tone double pointed lamppost in a state of disrepair.]

[A turqouise lamppost with rounded bulb top.]

[A grey-brown lamppost with domed 'gaslight' top.]

[A yellow lamppost with black square windowed pointed top.]


Paris Hotels said...

Incredible ! All the lamps are very different as well as unique. From where you have collected all these photographs. These are looking amazing !

Viagra Online said...

They are kind of similar in the first view, but if you put attention they have many different signs which interesting it's like to use your imagination or trying to use it haha getting codes from the same word or number series.