Signs of the Times

Are Very Difficult to Push Start
Come See Us!

[Main Street, Babylon Village, NY]

3805 Blaisdell
Vintage, Electronics, Kitchen, Furniture
& More

[38th St. and Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN]

Let's Agree to Disagree Kerry / Edwards
Let Al Queida See Our Softer Side Kerry / Edwards
When was the last time you saw a liberal reach into their own pocket?
John Kerry Sign Form 180 You Gutless Worm

[Signs of things to come? I think this was in Richfield, MN]


[Somewhere in Uptown, Minneapolis, MN]

Edward P. Russell
Attorney at Law

Perms Colors, Haircuts for
Men and Women
(Old and new styles)
We specialize in fine hair, too

[Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, MN]

Ambassador Sausage
'Quality since 1932'

[Near Snelling and Marshall Avenues, Saint Paul, MN]

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Anonymous said...

Those houses look more like south Minneapolis than Richfield.