June Postcard Post: Support this Blog

Hello, I'm back to blogging after a few month hiatus, and asking for your support for this lowly sidewalk blog.

I made some new Artisanal Sidewalk Postcards last night and with any blog donation of at least $5, I will send one directly to you via our nation's finest postal service.

Q: Why should you donate and receive a fine Artisanal Sidewalk Postcard?

  • #1) They're nice to have. I mean, from a tactile sense. The paper is often old and soft, and parts of it are covered in Scotch Magic tape, which is smooth. They look nice too.

  • #2) They're funny, sometimes. At the very least, vaguely amusing. 

  • #3) They're handmade from old postcards I have collected, old newspapers I have amassed from about 1985 - 2003, and a large collection of vintage non-fiction or children's books.

  • #4) They have a message written on the back. Who knows what it will say?

  • #5) They help support this rather non-remunerative blog.

  • #6) I need to buy cat food.

Make sure to include your address via the Paypal link. If you add a note, you can pick the one you want. 

(Q: Is this even possible?)

Thanks to those who have donated over the last six months (doubly impressive, since the blog was on mothballs):
Lisa, Michael, William, Jeff, and Andrea

Thanks sincerely.

[New postcards available.]


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