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Because sidewalk blogging is not as remunerative as advertised, please consider supporting this blog by purchasing...

Yes, with any donation of $5 or more to this sidewalk blog, I will create for you a handmade artisanal sidewalk narrative postcard.

Q: What is an artisanal handmade sidewalk narrative postcard?

A: Each one is unique. Expect an artistically modified postcard of ambiguous incipience containing a true-life sidewalk tale of how I have spent your generous monetary gesture.

What's more, I will have this quasi-artistic missive hand-delivered to the address of your choosing via our nation's foremost sidewalk delivery service, the United States Postal Service.

See examples of previous artisanal handmade postcards here:

Please consider purchasing a one-of-a-kind handmade micro-literary epistle, and thanks for reading Twin City Sidewalks, one of the premiere sidewalk blogs of its kind.

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