TCSidewalks Live!: Bowling Alley Bike Tour Tonight

Your friendly reminder to bike along to five (5) bowling alleys of the Twin Cities this evening, and learn all about the state of the lanes today.

NOTE: We will NOT be bowling.

Today looks like a lovely day for a bike ride.

[Facebook invite here.]
Bike trip to five (5) bowling alleys in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. We won't be bowling at any of them, just looking at them all and learning about their history.

When: starts at 6:30.
Total distance: less than twenty (20) miles.
Cost: free, donation optional.
Ending: Leave at any time, but the final alley is in Northeast Minneapolis.

PS. You can take the Green Line to Midway Pro Bowl!

[The best bowling story wins this TCSidewalks commissioned Bowling Tour trophy!] 


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