Timeline of Ayd Mill Road Community and City Decisions

[This was put together and forwarded to me by community members in the Ayd Mill Road area. It is accurate as far as I know. See contact info at the bottom of the page.]

Ayd Mill Road Timeline

City of St. Paul
Draft EIS Completed
Community Councils
Community organizations select their preferred alternatives through extensive community process.  City Sponsored Ayd Mill Road Task Force selects Linear Park.  Merriam Park selects no-build, Snell-Ham selects linear park, Lex-Ham selects linear park
April 12, 2000
City Council Resolution 00-347
Resolved that St. Paul City Council hereby selects the two-lane extended option as the preferred alternative for the Ayd Mill Road Environmental Impact Statement.  Signed by Mayor Norm Coleman.
June 2002
Mayor Randy Kelly
Ayd Mill road south ramps opened for “test”.  Test is in violation of MN Statue 116D.04 Subd. 2b. that forbids the starting of a project until the EIS has been determined adequate; and violates EQB Rule 4410.3100 that the government unit shall not take action that will prejudice the ultimate decision on the project until the Final EIS has been determined adequate.
Mayor Randy Kelly
City works on Final EIS, studying the 4-lane connection in violation of the stated purpose of the Final EIS “The purpose of the final EIS is to document and evaluate the preferred alternative”(from title page of Final EIS)
Merriam Park
Adopts Community Plan that includes recommendation of a no-build
Final EIS studying the 4-lane connection completed
Summer 2005
Councilmember and Mayoral Candidate Chris Coleman
“As you know my position on Ayd Mill Road is clear.  I support the compromise two-lane parkway plan passed by the City Council on April 12, 2000…”Just to be clear I do not support a four-lane highway or Mayor Kelly’s proposed $45 million connection to I-94 on the north end of Ayd Mill Road.”… “The only way we are going to stop Mayor Kelly from shoving a four-lane highway and $45 million connection to I-94 down our throats is if we beat him in November.”
Adopts Community Plan that includes Linear Park as their preferred alternative
September 02, 2009
City Council Resolution 09-878
Resolved, that the St. Paul City Council calls on the Mayor, the Department of Public Works, and the Department of Planning and Economic Development to initiate a community process around the future of Ayd Mill Road.  This process shall include a Supplemental EIS process to examine the effects of reducing the existing roadway to two lanes and the effect of a possible two-lane northern connection of St. Anthony Avenue
December 8, 2009
Union Park Community Council
The UPDC calls for a thorough and on-going process that requires that the conduct of the S-EIS be open and transparent to the public and citizen participation take the form of a reconvened Ayd Mill Road Task Force or its equivalent to meet concurrently with the conduct of the S-EIS
March 2010
Union Park Community Council
Passes resolution that lists issues to be considered in the S-EIS

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