5 Weirdest Things about the Keystone Bike Path Rendering

OK, so this was satire. But this is exactly the kind of thing that I'd believe...  Still, it's pretty funny. Here are the five ways that this worst rendering ever is hilarious:

5) There are never sunflowers next to train lines. An accurate rendering would have rusty auto parts, piles of large-particle dust, and oily fetid pools next to the tracks.

4) Even if there are, helmeted bicyclists don't ride through those sunflowers lurking like panthers waiting to pounce on innocent girls riding cruisers with baskets in front.

3) The generic barrack-looking suburbia is surrounded by an electrified fence. (Actually, this is pretty accurate.)

2) Yeah, the pipeline below is empty, and we're shipping oil on the rail tracks in Quebec-destroying rail cars anyway. PS, the rest of that train stretches forward for approximately a mile.
1) And for some reason, the cows wanna ride bikes too. Cows on bikes!

PS. In case you think this is some kind of joke, it is and it isn't.

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