Reading the Highland Villager #39 (June 22 - July 5 Edition)

[Basically the problem is that the best source of Saint Paul streets & sidewalks news is the Highland Villager, a very fine and historical newspaper. This wouldn't be a problem, except that its not available online. You basically have to live in or frequent Saint Paul to read it. That's why I'm reading the Highland Villager so that you don't have to. Until this newspaper goes online, sidewalk information must be set free.]

Total # of articles about sidewalks: 14
Total # of articles about sidewalks written by Jane McClure: 13

Headline: CIB Committee expands list of favored projects
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: As reported in previous RtVHs, the St Paul Capital Improvement Board [which didn't think very highly of the attempt by the Highland Village association to get new streetscaping and sidewalk pavers] has re-ranked their list of capital projects to include the condemned Edgcumbe Road bridge. The committee also cut in half the amount of money devoted to renovating the Highland branch of the library.

Headline: Teacher layoffs, transportation cuts slated for fall
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: There will be cuts to schools, including reducing busing costs by juggling with school start times.

Headline: St Paul sets legislative wish list; Projects include major marina expansion
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: St Paul is asking the state for money for a Saints' stadium, the Children's Museum, an expanded TPT studio, flood protection for Lowertown, and a [something called] Watergate Marina.

Headline: Ward 3 DFL convention endorses Tolbert on third ballot
Reporter: Kevin Driscoll

Short short version: Christ Tolbert got the coveted DFL endorsement over a downtown developer in St Paul's Ward 3 [Highland Park, replacing the retiring Pat "no sharrow" Harris. -Ed.]

Headline: Grand Sandwich gets parking variance, seeks wine & beer license
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Self explanatory, needs a variance because 16 off-street spaces are required by zoning codes but the restaurant only has 5.

Headline: Local governments prepare for possible state shutdown; County services would be most affected if wheels of state gov't grind to a halt
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Short story on shutdown, lacking in details.

Headline: University Ave. properties enroll in polluted-sites cleanup program
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Between three and nine properties along University may get some money from the EPA for cleaning up pollution. Includes paragraph connecting pollution to "auto-related businesses."

Headline: Federation favors after-hour animal clinic's plans to move into West End
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Local neighborhood group OKs an animal clinic's new digs. Includes quote from [blogger] Eric Hare complaining about the very existence of variances.

Headline: Site of fatal Summit Avenue bicycle accident to be rebuilt
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: The orange cone things at the corner of Summit and Snelling, which were the site of a fatality where a woman on a bicycle got run over by a car, will be redesigned.

Headline: Nice Ride Minnesota expands into St Paul
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Brief report on the new NiceRide stations in St Paul.

Headline: BZA orders apartment signs removed for a second time
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Some property owner's signs on an apartment building on Randolph Avenue have been re-ordered to be taken down. Includes quote expressing expasperation from board member.

Headline: Pizza fans won't have to wait long for Palumbo's on Snelling
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: New pizza place opening up on Snelling Avenue in Mac-Groveland will be allowed to waive the waiting period for a booze license.

Headline: District councils to weigh in on St. Thomas liquor license
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Two district councils will be allowed to have votes and discussions about the University's application for a liquor license [and will no doubt use the opportunity to squeeze concessions out of the school in what is always a contested "town-gown" relationship. -Ed.].

Headline: Commission studies residential, commercial zoning on West End; Changes suggest fewer multi-family homes, more mixed-used [sic] development
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: St Paul Planning Commission is doing some studies on rezoning the West End between I-35, Smith Avenue, and Grace Street. Concerns are conversions from single- to multi-family homes. There will be a mixed-use area along parts of West 7th. The city is suggesting rezoning a bunch of properties into this mixed-use (Traditional Neighborhood) zoning category, and trying to minimize "auto-oriented" land use. [The amount of multi-family buildings will surely be a controversial NIMBY-esque issue. -Ed.]


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