Reading the Highland Villager #37 (May 25th - June 7 Edition)

[Basically the problem is that the best source of Saint Paul streets & sidewalks news is the Highland Villager, a very fine and historical newspaper. This wouldn't be a problem, except that its not available online. You basically have to live in or frequent Saint Paul to read it. That's why I'm reading the Highland Villager so that you don't have to. Until this newspaper goes online, sidewalk information must be set free.]

Total # of articles about sidewalks: 15
Total # of articles about sidewalks written by Jane McClure: 12

Headline: Confusion over waiver of St. Paul's living-wage policy waylays Cossetta's expansion project
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: [As mentioned in the previous RTHV] Questions have been raised over the recent city $380K in TIF money pledged to the owner of Cossetta's, one David Cossetta, about giving living wages to at least 75% of his full time employees. The city some years ago passed an ordinance making sure that any city funding was tied to living wages for businesses. [That seems to make sense! -Ed.] Mr. Cossetta apparently doesn't like having to have to pay his employees decent salaries. The city has passed a wavier, but apparently it wasn't a complete waiver; only a partial wavier to the requirement for paying employees around $12/hr.

Headline: Neighbors sue to stop PPL project; Social service provider wants to build 44-unit apartment building off West 7th St. in Highland
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: The recent [NIMBY] lawsuit trying to stop an affordable housing group's attempt to build an apartment building for poor people on W. 7th Street in Highland is in court. A decision is expected soon by a judge.

Headline: Tight CIB dampens the hopes for many St. Paul projects
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: [Another] story about the Capital Improvement Board's recent ranking of projects hoping for city funding. [Another] mention of the Highland streetscape project and how it got low marks. Mention of the fact that the CIB has only 1/2 the usual funds.

Headline: Edgcumbe bridge project passed over by CIB Committee
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: See above, only specific to the attempt to replace the bridge over a ravine along Edgcumbe near Hamline.

Headline: Summit-U neighbors review three new ideas for Selby-Victoria corner; Mixed-use development, market and gardens eyed
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version:The Summit-University Planning Council Neighborhood Development Committee is working on a plan for the corner of Selby and Victoria. There are three proposals, including a farmer's market, an "oasis of hope," and mixed-use townhouses.

Headline: West End residents seeks [sic] help in lowering speeds off High Bridge
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Story about the local neighborhood group trying to figure out how to slow cars down as they descend off the bridge. Includes amusing anecdote about the Federation board asking the city DOT to study the bridge speed, and the engineer "warn[ing] that they should be careful what they ask for. 'After the traffic conditions are observed, you might get a recommendation of a higher speed, limit.'" [sic] Other ideas include planters, a sign, and a stoplight.

Headline: Plan emerges for realigning St. Paul's ward boundaries
Reporter: Kevin Driscoll

Short short version: [Following up on last fortnight's RTHV] The city council chose a map plan that shift a district borders, moving population from Ward 5 (East of Como) to Ward 1 (Frogtown)and from Ward 2 (Downtown, West 7th, West Side) to Ward 5.

Headline: Business reps object to proposed limits on window signs; New sign regulations are laid over for six months
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: The City Council wants to restrict business advertising, but has tabled for six months the motion to restrict signage, urging "anti-sign activists" [you go!] and business owners to work out their differences. Of especial concern is the proliferation of window signs, particularly those that hawk tobacco products.

Headline: New community garden in Highland supported by HDC
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: The Highland District Council likes the community garden just east of the Episcopal church on Ford Parkway.

Headline: Residents seek new solutions to traffic problems on Summit
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: A dozen people went to a meeting about speeding on Summit and thought about how to fix it.

Headline: Business, residential zoning studies launched in West End
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: The city planning commission is thinking about re-zoning for more or less density and more or less mixed use.

Headline: Committee supports Tiffany's plan to provide outdoor dining in alley
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: Tiffany Sports Lounge will be more likely to get to have outdoor seating in their alley thanks to the Highland District Council's Community Development Committee. Includes [very perspectival] sketch.

Headline: Commission suggests changing restaurant parking rules
Reporter: Jane McClure

Short short version: St Paul Planning Commission is trying to reduce the off-street parking requirements. [Good!] They're currently set at one required off-street parking space per 200 sq. ft. of building space, and 125 for bars. Includes quote from one commissioner: "This is going to be very controversial in some neighbrohoods." [Nothing gets the juices flowing like parking. Thanks America. -Ed.]

Headline: Up on the roof; Going green atop St. Paul's new firehouse on W. 7th and Randolph
Reporter: Judy Woodward

Short short version: Interest story on the fire departmet's new green roof. Includes butternut squash recipe.

Headline: Chip off the old block; GABA's Chad Skally continues crusaide to keep avenue a Grand place to do business
Reporter: Nancy Crotti

Short short version: Piece on the Grand Ave Business Association prez, Chad Skally, with lots of details about his life and family. GABA is concerned about making the street attractive, bike racks, keeping property taxes low, and safety.


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