TC Sidewalks Live! at Salon Saloon Tomorrow!

[The sun rises over the Willamette River in Downtown Portland, Oregon.]

Hey everybody. I'll be on stage tomorrow at 7:00 at the Bryant Lake Bowl to talk about the sidewalks of Portland, Oregon. I will be discussing important questions of the day, such as

Q: Is Portland a Bizarro Minneapolis?
Q: What crazy stuff did I see there?
Q: What is it that makes their sidewalks so special?

Stop by if you can. It should be a good time. [Details below.]

(Special thanks to Tom, Shelly, Chelsea, Sarah, Don, Laura, Makenna, and Zack for all your help learning about and visiting Portland.)

[When they say that "hipsters in Portland are ironic," it means that they use ironing boards to sign people up for environmental causes on the city sidewalks.]

Tuesday, January 25 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

LocationBryant Lake Bowl
810 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN

Oh, Portland, Oregon. Does no other place inspire such helpless feelings of envy and self-projection from the medium-sized cities of America? Bicycles, coffee, literacy, food trucks, streetcars, indie rock, strip clubs, punk-rock doughnut shops. Did you know Andy's friend moved there after college and got a job as Sleater-Kinney's nanny? It's true.

Your friends moved there after college, too. You are secretly jealous of them. You've thought of moving there, too. Oh, Portland.

In January, Salon Saloon is going to finally get to the bottom of the Portland mystique. What can the so-called City of Roses teach us about our own medium-sized city? About ourselves?

Salon Saloon: The Portland Show
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | Doors at 6PM, Show at 7PM
$6 - 12 pay what you can

This month's guests!

+ Singer-songwriter (and Portland native) CHRIS KOZA
+ Writer and performer MAGGIE RYAN SANDFORD
+ Twin Cities Sidewalks blogger BILL LINDEKE
+ Artist SAM GOULD of Red 76 collective

And as always: the Salon Saloon house band FOR RICHER OR PORTLAND (Jake Mohan and Claire Tiller), and your host Andy Sturdevant.


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