The Sidewalk Show Vol. 1: Talking to Snelby

[The bank on Snelling and Selby Avenues, formerly Liberty Bank, now Associated Bank. (Boo!)]

I accidentally found myself listening to a documentary I made about 6 years ago yesterday, and thought I should share it. It passed mustard.

It's kinda nice. Back then, I wanted to do a Jane Jacobs-inspired radio thing, and so I talked to business owners along the corner of Snelling and Selby in Saint Paul all about what they saw on the street, and how being in close proximity affected their businesses. The nice thing is that all these folks are still in business, and are all still hanging out on this corner. In a way, every street corner is kind of like a small town.

Anyway, I think this aged well. Enjoy.


Mike Hicks said...

Very cool! Yeah, I agree with that guy at the end about the noise. It's a great area, but it'd be interesting to see how things would be different if the spot wasn't so dominated by car traffic.

Kai said...

this makes me nostalgic

Bill Lindeke said...

imagine how I feel!

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful! it not only passed mustard, it passed the ketchup as well

Anonymous said...

This was pretty great! I grew up in Snell-Ham, and I remember going to this corner many times throughout my life. Mostly to Cahoots to study or hang out with friends in High School, and actually in College too. I still go back regularly. Nobody makes better espresso.