Name That Sidewalk! #3

It's time once again for another Name That Sidewalk! (To the winner of the previous Name That Sidewalk!, your prize is finally in the mail. I promise.)

I saw this crazy car on the sidewalk one day, absolutely stacked to the ceiling with paper...

[Click image to embiggen.]

... the only question is: Where in the Twin Cities is this sidewalk?

The winner receives a prized copy of Clyde Fans: part one, a graphic novel-type publication featuring wonderful antiquated urban landscapes and typewriters, drawn and written by Seth Weeks of Montreal Canada.


Unknown said...

Pssh... piece o' cake. You're @ the corner of University & Cretin/Vandalia. Right in front of the Dubliner and whatever that place is next to it.

Truth be told, I didn't recognize the sidewalk, but I've seen that car parked along University dozens of times, though usually further West (near Emerald). I actually stopped my car and got out with my camera to take a photo when the guy just happened to be coming back to our car. It was a very awkward situation.

Unknown said...

Yes -That place is Bonnie's Cafe, next to the Dubliner and across from this sidewalk pictured - and a decent breakfast can be had there, I'd like to add. Keep the pics coming, this is fun!

charlie said...

Too late to win, but I recognized the car and its parking spot immediately. First time I saw it, my reaction was, damn! where's my camera?