*** Sidewalk (Long) Weekend *** #33

Sidewalk Rating: Still Summertime

It's still summer, dammit. You had better make the most of the sidewalks this weekend, or I'll never speak to you again.


Here's an example of what we can look forward to...

... if we're lucky!


Carlos Slim, in addition to having an awesome name and being the world's richest man, is a bona fide urbanist!

"More recently, Mexico's richest businessman, Carlos Slim, established a private initiative known as the Fundacion del Centro Historico into which he initially invested $300-million and developed a long term regeneration plan for the city centre. The Fundacion initially bought 70 historic buildings and set about a major refurbishment programme to turn them generally into middle to high income residential.

"Then he brought the city government into the act in upgrading the infrastructure - pavements, beautiful period lampposts, et cetera, as well as providing a new Centro police force complete with CCTV system and relocating all the informal traders - they are now banned from El Centro!

"The result is a highly walkable public environment among some truly beautifully restored historic buildings. The refurbed residential has in turn attracted new restaurants and high quality retail."


This NYT story confirms what I saw when I went to Florida last summer: lots of half-built and empty condo towers. Apparently, people have stopped believing in paradise.


Awesome signs that don't tell you very much, archived on a website. Have you met my friend, Les Ismore?

[One example of geometric signage.]


One of the reasons Cambridge, Mass. is so nice is that they get rid of signs like this. It's a trend, man.


I went through a Mad Men phase, and am happy to see that they're covering the destruction of Penn Station as a mini-narrative this season.

Jane Jacobs was right!

[Jane Jacobs tilting at windmills.]


I hope Madison, Wisc. can make the right decision about their train station. It's a battle of common sense v. bureaucratic expediency. Knowing Wisconsin, neither of these will win out in the end.


Speaking of Wisconsin...

As a cyclist, I absolutely hate watching that.


Beware the primrose path of dalliance, lest ye find yourself wearing Denny Hecker's auctioned shoes!

(I think you're best avoiding any company who advertises during Twins games.)


As if I didn't feel bad for Duluth already, now their sidewalks are crumbling beneath their feet.

Sous le pav├ęs, le plage!

(And again.)


Three photos for you!

1) Abandoned cityscape & prairie restoration. (Fm. James D. Griffioen)
2) State fair bandshell. (Img. fm. Minnpics.)

3) A nice look at the Walker sidewalk. (Img. fm. Robert.)

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