Twin City Lampposts #1

Saint Paul has really fine lampposts. Here are some of them:

[The gunmetal grey lamppost with pointed top, on a grass-buffered sidewalk.]

[Gunmetal with weathered limegreen top and two back-facing signs attached.]

[A basic gunmetal with matching top, perpendicular green streetsign, perched on a curb facing a yellow stoplight.]

[A combination streetlamp / stoplight / streetsign hybrid with yellow body and pewter-grey top. The "swiss army knife" of Saint Paul lampposts.]

[A double lamppost with triple points and crosspiece.]

[A bright semi-olive green lamppost with matching pointed top.]

[A lovely gunmetal lamppost bearing a green top with opaque 'large pane' glass, and sign.]

[A turquoise lamppost with black top and point.]


The lampposts of London:


momo said...

Love it! especially the London lamppost lagniappe!

Bill Lindeke said...

man, i had to look that one up!

anon said...

great blog, keep the posts coming. Definitely on my blog roll everyday.

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