Saint Paul Flags are so "IN" Right Now

Last year, I got my first Saint Paul flag. I'd never even knew that Saint Paul had a flag  of it until a friend of mine wrote a column about historical vexilolology in my town, and I grew intrigued. I had to get my hands on one.

The backstory of the Saint Paul flag is pretty sparse. There was a contest, and a St. Kate's student won with an above-average design Here's the official word on the flag, straight from the Mayor's office:

Saint Paul had a flag contest back in 1932 and Gladys Mittle was chosen as the winner of the best design of the Saint Paul flag on November 22, 1932. Her prize for the best design was $150.00. Gladys was an art student at the College of St. Kate’s.

[Presumably, one of these women is Gladys Mittle. Image from MNHS.]

[Some Saint Paul flag locations.]
Well, since I got my hands on my flag, and shared the wealth with a couple dozen other folks through a group order, the Saint Paul flag is sweeping the nation. (If by "nation" you mean the Hamline-Midway neighborhood, a.k.a. the "flag district", and/or the center field wall at the new Saints stadium.) I've even sold Saint Paul flags to folks in Minneapolis, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook. 

If you want one of your very own, now is your chance. There really isn't any other place to get them.
Large (3' x 5') = $50
Medium (2' x 3') = $36

Note: It's totally worth it; flags fly forever.

Please order by Paypal, specify your desired size.
(If absolutely necessary, I will take a check. Please email me...)

If you live in Saint Paul, I offer bicycle flag delivery to your address. Otherwise, you'll have to pick it up from me.

I'm going to finalize the order around November 9th, so please let me know before then! (Note: that leaves plenty of time before Christmas. The Saint Paul Flag makes an ideal holiday gift.)

[See also: The Case for the Saint Paul Flag.]

Here are some examples of the Saint Paul flag flying proud:

[Saint Paul flag in Minneapolis.]

[Saint Paul flag in an apartment.]

[Saint Paul flag in Hamline-Midway.]
[Saint Paul flag in the Midway.]

[Saint Paul flag on the East Side.]

[Saint Paul flag downtown.]

[Saint Paul flag in Lex-Ham.]

[Saint Paul flag on the wall at Mancinis.]

[Saint Paul flag in the West End.]

[Saint Paul flag over CHS field.]


Gary Horn said...

I saw this for the first time last summer at the "Little Mekong" event on University Ave. I had never heard of one or seen one before. Cool!

Wolfie said...

Bill, great post! Love the history and the mystery of the flag! The shot of Gladys and her creation is priceless.