The Sidewalk Show #2: History and Culture from KFAI's Fresh Air Community Voices

One of the things I've been doing on and off over the last year is producing short radio pieces on Twin Cities' arts and culture for KFAI's 10, 000 Fresh Voices program, often about local urban history.

My first ever local sidewalk radio piece was a half-hour documentary about Snelling and Selby that I called the "sidewalk show," and I've continued to be interested in telling our city's stories on the air.   

For example, I turned last year's East Lake Wok Walk into a 5:00-long piece that you can listen to here.

Others include this great piece about Wakan Tipi, the Dakota center of the universe and the ex-cave on Siant Paul's East Side where the womb of the world used to be.

Making compelling radio is a lot of work, and it's great that KFAI and the state's Legacy Fund has helped to provide this treasure trove of stories for all to hear. Check out the archive for yourself. It's full of treasures.

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