stp: Carleton Lofts at University Ave.

The University LRT boom is already starting. I've been noticing the construction along University Avenue, just East of Raymond Avenue, for a while now. They're doing something to all those big beautiful brick buildings along there -- including what was John Kerry's TC HQ.

And now I'm reading the (St. Anthony) Park Bugle, and there's an article about the Carleton Lofts.
Tranformation of the former Johnson Brothers Liquor Company warehouses into the Carleton Lofts is in full swing. The first residents should be ready to move into 169 new loft apartments at University Ave. and Carleton St. in spring 2007. Eventually the South St. Anthony Park site will include more than 400 apartments.
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The two square blocks include three brick warehouses that were built in the early 20th century and have "hsitoric district" designation. The development will make use of these warehouses, while newer additions will be torn down.

The St. Paul Planning COmmission, which recoomended approbval of the rezoning, also granted apprioval for needed variances. The City Council, which gave final approval to the rezoning, also put the project in a tax increment financing (TIF) distric. Other assistance came in the form of tax credits, including credits for the area's historic designation status.

This is, of course, a great improvement. They'll be the first part of the University renaissance, which will dramatically change the street throughout the next decade. Plus, they're keeping the historical character of the place.

Let's just hope that Twin City Reptiles and Custom Cat Purrrniture can stay in business!

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