mpls: "A" Mill Lofts on Edge

Downtown Journal also had a report that the "A" Mill lofts, which were denied approval by the HPC at the beginning of the month, are going to appeal.

That's not surprising. What's surprising is that apparently the appeal will be shot down by Zoning Cmmttee. Chair, Gary Schiff.

The appeal could go before the Council’s Zoning and Planning Committee Feb. 16 and the full Council on Feb. 24, Frank said. The meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. and will include time for public comment.

After the Jan. 10 denial, City Councilmember Gary Schiff (Ward 9), who chairs Zoning and Planning, said he supports the height limits and does not believe that “skyscrapers” are appropriate next to the historic complex.

I really find this hard to believe . . . the HPC's reasons for denying the buildings are pretty weak (e.g. "it will reduce the profile of the 'A' Mill"), and the projects have NRP support. Frankly, this is the perfect place for dense development.

Maybe there's an issue with developer politics. I read a while back that one of of the NE developers (Flour Sack Flats guy) is mega-pissed that the "A" Mill project might geta height exemption when his already-approved project didn't get a height exemption... I'd guess that the City Council is trying to play fair, and make sure no one developer gets special treatment.

I'd bet they're going to try and whittle the "A" Mill proposal down a floor or two . . .

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Andrew said...

Do you know where the meetings will be held? This is an issue that I and others who support the "A" Mill project would be willing to attend and speak on the behalf of.