mpls: What About The Wave?

The bellicose Minneapolis Park Board is on the verge of an unpopular deal to develop land next to the 3rd St. Bridge, along the St. Anthony riverfront. (Downtown Journal story.)
The park board's planning committee heard public comments on the proposed sale of the site at 420 1st St. - the former home of the Fuji Ya sushi restaurant - to make way for a riverfront condo development known as the Wave.

Heritage Development, a Little Canada-based developer, has proposed a 36-unit condo project and restaurant for the site that, at its highest point, would rise 11 stories.

Most of the people who spoke at the meeting were neighbors opposed to the project, said Parks General Manager Don Siggelkow.

The question is whether or not this land is worthwhile as open parkland, or whether the cash-strapped park system should take the money and run. Of course, once you develop open space like this, you can never go back . . . so this kind of decision should not be made lightly.

I'm of the opinion that open riverfront land is worth keeping open. Surely there's some sort of public use for this space, which is right next to St. Anthony Lock and Mill Ruins Park area.

The project hasn't gone to the city for approval yet, so look for more discussion about "The Wave."

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Anonymous said...

How about developing the land and taking the money to purchase land for parkspace in downtown, where a the need is evident.