mn: The Michigan Left vs. the Traffic Circle

Check out this discussion on mnspeak.com, about the "Michigan Left":
The Michigan Left was developed to avoid the interlocking left-turn movements along divided highways. In this way, the only turning movements allowed at such an intersection are right-hand turns. Traffic lights can be placed at busier Michigan Left intersections if warranted. For the most heavily-used "crossovers," specialized traffic signals may be placed to ensure traffic does not back up on the highway waiting to turn left.

This reminds me of the return of the roundabout (for example, Hwy 13 and Co. Rd. 2 in Scott County).

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Anonymous said...

I hate the Michigan Left. I really don't see the improvement over dedicated left turn lanes and arrows. When I've driven in Michigan I've cursed the creators of that system. I figured it was a conspiracy by the automakers to consume more gas and wear out your car more quickly. Probably not true, but I also swear that the lack of highway maintenance there is also backed by the auto production/repair industry....

Traffic circles, on the other hand, rock. I live 2 blocks from one (Minnehaha Pkwy and Minnehaha Ave) and even the passive drivers of Minnesota can figure it out. Admittedly, its only 1 lane wide--nothing like the crazy wide roundabouts of Europe.