mpls: HPC looks at 'A' Mill on Main

The new condos going along Main St NE are are being reviewed today by the Historic Preservation Comission, according to the latest The Bridge. You've probably seen the plans for tall bldgs all along the East bank of the river, downtown. Well...
the development proposal is set to be heard next [...] at what promises to be a marathon meeting. From there, the proposal goes to the planning commission to request zoning changes, then to the city council.

The developer [...] noted that the extra height would pay for the "expensive historic renovations, without public subsidy." Responding to questions, he said the price range for the housing units is estimated to be between $175,000 and "a couple of million dollars." [Development manager David] Frank said the historic Pillsbury sign will be retained. The entire development is expected to take 10-12 years to complete.
So far, two NRP associations (Marcy-Homes and Nicollet Island/East Bank) have voted to support the project. That's a good sign for the developers, because the city hardly ever fails to support a project if it has local community approval.

Personally, I like the project and think that that area is ideal for build-up. I'll miss the free feeling that the area around Soap Factory has had for years, but that's progress, I guess.

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