mendotaheights: Par 3 Golf Course

This story has a special place in my heart. I grew up right across the street!

In a decision the Mendota Heights city attorney is calling an important precedent, a divided high court has overturned two lower court rulings and decided that Mendota Heights had a "legitimate interest [in] protecting open and recreational space," meaning a city's wishes can trump those of a landowner wanting to develop the property.

Other suburbs take note! Open space is worth money. Big bucks to all the property owners anywhere near this golf course, and if they can keep it from getting developed all to hell, and somehow keep it open, the whole area will be much the better for it.

Check out this site if you don't believe me...

But at the same time, it'll be hard to stop these property owners from trying their damndest to put a slew of McMansions down all over this land.


Who knew that grassroots was even possible in Mendota Heights? There's not a sidewalk to be found in the entire city!


A domino effect!

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