Mea Culpa

I've been horrible -- Horrible! -- lately. I'm sorry.

Here. I offer you this picture of a bike parked in South Minneapolis.

Excuses? I'm applying to grad school... my computer's broken... the dog ate my homework... there's a fly in my soup... i've got three kids in preschool at home sick with the bird flu...

More coming. For example, I've attended two very interesting meetings in Saint Paul lately: one on the new University Avenue SuperTarget, the other on all the planned transportation projects coming in the capitol city.

Here are topics I'm thinking about:

  • The proposed Salvation Army rec center at Minneahaha Avenue and Dale St.
  • The Mendota Heights Par 3 Golf Course debate
  • The MetCouncil's grant for a LRT station park in the new downtown
  • An update on the LRT debate: pro and con
  • The Snelling & University stop of the proposed University Avenue LRT
  • The "Michigan Left" vs. "the New Jersey Left" vs. the traffic circle
  • Redistricting in Florida
  • Canada!

More to come...


Anonymous said...

When's the transportation meeting?

Wm said...

Already happened last week, at hamline university in saint paul

Andrew said...

When do we get to read about the Transit Summit???
Sorry to be pestering, but I found out last week that I am a transit groupie when I was attending a Northstar Meeting at Metro Transit's office in Minneapolis. And don't worry about updating the blog, I am taking a break on blogging to focus on school stuff as well.