metcouncil: Funding Parks and Stuff

Q: Is this debate Pawlenty no-tax politics or grassroots stickin' it to the man?

Council member Mary Hill Smith said that at a time when cities like Woodbury and Eden Prairie are going to voters with property tax issues for parks, she cannot countenance such an expenditure for a city "with a lot of assets," not least of which is the Mall of America. Especially not one that will be privately owned and the centerpiece for a development that includes a private hotel, office space and condominiums.

A: Didn't the Met Council have a debate a while ago about the usefulness of decorative streetscaping?

It's hard to tell, but I still think the Met Council's navel gazing is just contributing to the metro's deer-in-the-headlights stasis.

We're like transportation zombies! ("Brains... Brains... We need brains...")

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