mpls: 38th and Nicollet condo on the way

Local developer, Michael Lander, fresh off his losing battle with the Calhoun Area, is preparing to build a condo at the currently-vacant Southwest corner of 38th and Nicollet.

I used to live very close to there, and this development is right on the border between the poorer minority and the wealthy white communities that make the Kingfield neighborhood so interesting. It will surely do quite a bit to push South Nicollet Avenue towards further home-ownership. Plus, that current building, the Theisen Vending factory, is pretty much an eyesore.

The condo sounds good. It's mixed use and has a few "affordable" units. The timetable The project might be approved by the city any day.

The only absurd part of this story is that the builders have to work around an existing contract with ClearChannel Outdoor, to keep the billboard that currently graces the corner intact in the new building. Actually, I kind of like the billboard...

P.S. This has to be the only corner in the state with a Salvation Army and a British sports car mechanic.


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