mpls: city elections rigged?

The City Pages blotter has a great bit with a secret source revealing the inside story of the new Ward map being used this year:

The source, who was not on the redistricting commission and spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirms the oft-repeated belief among critics of the redistricting: Namely that much of the shenanigans revolved around the DFL party wanting to gain an upper hand against what was then a burgeoning Green Party.

"The Dems wanted the Greens worked on," the source says.

G.R. Anderson continues:

Even so, the process in Minneapolis was twofold: 1) Ensure that the DFL stays in some kind of predominate power; and 2) Make everybody else skew to the right, poor communities of color be damned.

This kind of Tom Delay bullshit goes on all the time. Every state, every party. Of course, some places are better than others, and I would have thought that Minneapolis would be one of them.

Neighborhood groups should collectively demand changes to the city charter in forming the redistricting commission. Is anyone working on this?

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