mpls: 2626 West Lake Street development

I was talking to someone from CARAG, the Calhoun NRP, and apparently the controversial Lander development has been rejected by the Planning Comission.

Go here to read what "urban warrior" Michael Lander's company has to say about it.

Here's the Southwest Journal article.

Apparently there are two issues. 1) building height. The proposed height is way over the 2.5 story height limits set by long-time policy. The Shore Overlay policy is meant to keep buildings from sticking over the treeline, and turning the lakes into "chicago-style waterfront," as the community member told me.

2) there' a problem with area coverage. In order to build it as currently planned, they'd have to take down a bunch of trees curently running between the street and the buildings.

It certainly seems like a vastly different setting than the 13-now-10 story Ackenberg condo on Lagoon Avenue... Like, for example, here there's a lake.

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