mpls: big box archictecture

The latest issue of New Urban News also has a report Target's use of unorthodox architecture. Apparently the company has created a few dozen "unique" (on the outside) stores to be slotted into dense, urban areas. Specifically, the article mentions the Nicollet Mall store as an example of a corporate building fitting into its neighborhood.

They didn't mention the controversial nature of the store's funding, and how it was a big reason so many incumbents lost their jobs in the 2001 Mpls city elections.

Also, the article kind of buries this comment:

"In general Target is not doing these kinds of stores unless they have to, says Charles Bohl, director of the University of Miami's Knight Program in Community building ... They are building these stores where higher land costs and constrained sites in urban areas require it.

It sounds to me like they're just trying to make more money, and corner a market they haven't reached yet. If you ask me, big box retail is all alike. Why does everyone give Target a pass?

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