TC Sidewalks Live: Saint Paul Coney Quest II: The Search for More Coneys

A year has passed.

Almost one year ago, when the autumn sun just brushes the hilltop with its tired rays, some brave souls joined me on a quest for the definitive and original Saint Paul coney island hot dog. Saint Paul has a unique spin on this classic Michigan fare, offering a rich history of coney purveyance dating back to the 1920s, with a specially made vernacular grilled bun and often idiosyncratic use of cheese. We sampled what I, at the time, thought  were all the Saint Paul coneys: coneys from Kelly's, the Gopher, and Keenan's Bar.

And all was good.

[But what new madness is this?]

I found that I was wrong. Again and again I encountered a new coney, each one more elusive than the last. It turns out there are more Saint Paul Coneys than are dreamt of in your philosophy

[The coneys in question.]
The quality of the Saint Paul coney can be a mixed bag, and this trip will offer a wide array of dogs, each decidedly different than the last. Bring an appetite and an open mind.

(What is a coney?)

We will embark from Sweet Pea's Public House on Snelling and Randolph at around 6pm, whereupon we will venture forth to Carbone's to sample their coney.

From thence, we travel East down Randolph Avenue, down the steep inclines of the Mississippi river bluff, to find a coney at Hot City on 7th Street (Olde Fort Road).

From there, we will journey to the North and East, where, after a brief pilgrimage past the Original Coney Island on Saint Peter Street, our final coney awaits us Downtown at the Ox Cart Ale House in Lowertown.

What: Bike ride to get coneys
When: Thursday October 1st,
Meet on up at 6:00 to depart.
Why: Because it's there

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