Other Thriving Cities that Oppose Parking Meters

[What fresh hell is this?]
It's no coincidence that the places that oppose parking meters are also those places with the most thriving main streets.

I probably don't need to remind you of these places, because these names are on the tip of everyone's tongue. But here's a sample of such dynamic and vibrant USA streets:

Rapid City, SD (2009) --  Petitions oppose parking meters on Main, St. Joe streets

Salem, OR (2013) -- Stop Parking Meters in Downtown Salem

Fort Lauderdale, FL (1985) -- Residents Oppose Parking Meters at Beach

Delray Beach, FL (2015) -- No Meters for Downtown Parking

Bloomington, IN (2013)
-- Oppose? Parking Meters Downtown Bloomington  

Tiffin, OH (1941) -- Farmers Oppose Parking Meters

Westerly, RI (1937)
-- Majority Oppose Parking Meters

Phillipstown, NY (2014) -- New Committee Tackles Village Parking

For the record, the parking meter was invented in Oklahoma City, OK, and look what happened there. (Nothing good.)

Moral of the story? Oppose parking meters, and your street will thrive. It'll put your town on the map!

[The map.]

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