9th Bloggaversary Post

[Happy Nineaversary!]
This last Friday was marks 9 years of blogging here at the Twin City Sidewalks blogger blogsite. This last year has also marked the proliferation of my so-called sidewalks writing into other more respectable and lucrative venues, such as my new Cityscape column over at Minnpost. (Check out all of them here.)

(For a real mindf**k and to track one man's evolution of idealism, check out the previous years' bloggaversary posts: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th... Yikes!)

One of the strange things about writing for multiple venues is trying to maintain distinct voices. Compared to Minnpost or streets.mn, this blogspot is meant to be a more poetic, personal, and snarkastic approach to thinking about sidewalks and cities. It's also meant to be a place that offers a more positive purchase about why urban life can be so rewarding. I'm hopeful I can keep that part of my life (and my voice) alive through the blog.

[Spare a copper for an old sailor?]
Finally, I took a few months "off" this year to finish my dissertation. (Please note: Even when "off"," I must keep Reading the Highland Villager.)

As the draft is pretty much complete, I'm hopeful that I can get back to focusing my writing efforts on a long list of things I've been wanting to do, including the crafting of a number of TC Sidewalks "field guides" that collect the information from various tours over the years (dive bars, bowling alleys, chinese restaurants, coney dog joints, etc.), a renewal of the Sidewalk of the Week feature (my favorite) and other various psychogeographic endeavors.

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And thank you so much for reading this nonsense! Here's to a lifetime of pedestrian driftlessness.

[Djuna helping with teh blogging.]

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