8th Bloggaversary Post

Eight years ago today, back in 2005, I started this sidewalk blog.

And somehow today, after much passage of time, it's still going... Hooray!

You'd think sidewalks would be an incredibly boring topic. But for some reason, there's no shortage of content.

I have a long list of things I want to write about, including many future Sidewalks of the Week (North Saint Paul, the mysterious "forgotten neighborhood" that I keep failing to remember, fabulous downtown Shakopee, places deep on the East Side, Lilydale, St. Louis Park, and many more), more sidewalk tours, and a few other surprise features I've been meaning to finish.

Other impending topics include:
  • Psychoanalysis of Small White Stoplight Men
  • How to Re-use Old Golf Courses
  • something highly exciting about Lake Calhoun
  • Why Tailgating Sucks
  • Food Trucks vs. Skyways II: the Rematch of the Century
  • Sidewalk Interviews with outsider artists, street musicians, and others
  • the Half-Ass-O-Meter
  • the Accuracy of Kitsch Maps
  • the Intersection of Zen and Walking 
  • and of course, more Highland Villager for your perusal
Last year I wrote over two hundred posts (of highly varying quality), and traffic is at an all-time high. This September set a new record...
[Exciting statistical trend.]

Donate to this Sidewalk Blogger

That said, because (like Phillip Marlowe) my bank account is trying to crawl under a duck, I'm introducing an exciting new way to support this sidewalk blog.

For any donation of $5 or more, you will receive...

Q: What is an artisanal handmade sidewalk narrative postcard?

A: Each one is unique. Expect an artistically modified postcard of ambiguous incipience containing a true-life sidewalk tale of how I have spent your generous monetary gesture.

What's more, I will have this quasi-artistic missive hand-delivered to the address of your choosing via our nation's foremost sidewalk delivery service, the United States Postal Service.

See examples of previous artisanal handmade postcards here:


So on this 8th bloggaversary, please consider purchasing a one-of-a-kind handmade micro-literary epistle. Thanks for reading Twin City Sidewalks! 



Anonymous said...

Congrats, dude! It's a joy to read!

Brent said...

North St Paul is simply a wonderful town, and I'd love to see/read your photo-documentation of NSP from its sidewalks.

Arnold Brame said...

Wow!!1 It is very good!! Congratulations Dear!!!

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