Name That Sidewalk #7 MYSTERY REVEALED!

[The mystery sidewalk, with a lovely askew desire path.]
Well, there were a lot of incorrect guesses about the latest mystery sidewalk. My theory is that, by late August, Minnesotans develop a perception filter that forces our brains to not be able to comprehend a sidewalk covered in snow. As we live here, experiencing the bi-polar climate, whether we like it or not, our brains banish any memories of the opposing season, fostering collective states of willed bi-annual amnesia. Call it "midcontinentitis."A wintery landscape in late August seems like another planet, and cannot be comprehended by a Minnesotan.

That said, this sidewalk wasn't completely difficult, certainly not as challenging as Mystery Sidewalk #6. Guesses included:
"50th and France"
"East River Road"
 and "Lake Calhoun"

Could it be? Note the lengthy topographic slant, certainly rarity in the Twin Cities. Note also the lights in the distance, betokening some sort of dense node. What is it? A mall? Note also that I live nowhere near Minneapolis, and am a profoundly lazy person.

Yes, those are the distant lights of downtown Saint Paul. Dutiful reader and long-time Saint Paul West Ender Adam Yust was the first to correctly ID the spot, sending me an email that simply said:
Wabasha St, west side

Correct! Not only is this spot less than a mile from my apartment, it's less than a 1/4 mile from Name That Sidewalk #4, the spot at the top of the no-longer-extant "green stairs."

Better luck next time!

[Studies show that most sidewalk bloggers will only walk 1/2 mile to take photos of mystery sidewalks.]

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