Name That Sidewalk! #6: MYSTERY REVEALED

["R" stands for "Recondite."]
OK, it's been three (3) months and zero (0) people have correctly identified the mystery sidewalk in Name That Sidewalk! #6, despite the inclusion of a special hint and slightly less cropped (and skyway revelatory) photo, which means nobody will be receiving the vapid and futile promise of a meaningless trinket to be delivered in the mail. So sad!

Also note that this is the first time that I have stumped you, the 19 dutiful readers of this semi-pathetic blog on sidewalks. I'd like to feel proud that I've fooled all dozen-and-a-half of you, particualrly given your admirable track record of past sidewalk identification.

I want to say, "Yes" while gleefully rubbing my hands together. "Now my sidewalk mystification is complete," in an ominous voice dubbed over like in that that 'all your sidewalk are belong to us' animation.


But I can't. Because this sidewalk (as was clearly stated in the hint) was not technically a "Twin City Sidewalk." No, this sidewalk was in Duluth, a city (also in Minnesota) that all of you should visit on a regular basis! Go to Duluth!

Yes, this sidewalk is in Duluth outside the student center on the Univeristy of Minnesota-Duluth campus. It caught my eye because of the unusual 'no bicycles' parking bollards and the small scrabble leter 'R' serving as a sidewalk detritus punctum.

[The mystery sidewalk.]

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Suzanne said...

Duluth! Never even crossed my mind.