Announcing TCSidewalks Univeristy of Minnesota Sidewalk Motto Contest!

[One of the U's safety labels, aimed at drivers but placed in a bike path.]
Announcing a new contest to come up with alternate mottos for the University of Minnesota's new anti-cycling sidewalk campaign.

Here's how it works!

[Blank] is Easy. [Blank] is Hard. 
[Something pithy.]

For example:
Giving tickets is Easy. Designing Bike Lanes is Hard.
Why aren't there bike routes through campus?

I will be accepting alternate mottos for the next two weeks. Please email them to blindeke [a] gmail.com or put them in the comments.

The best motto will receive a one-of-a-kind sculpture of a Goldy Gopher stuffed animal crammed into a tiny model car like a bonzai kitten.

Good luck to you all!

[Little known fact: Goldy Gopher makes a brief appearance in MotorMania, Disney's 1950 classic cartoon about out-of-control automobile drivers losing their s**t.]


Anonymous said...

Understanding right-of-way is easy. Taking your right-of-way is hard.
Try anyway, or are you gutless?

Jacobean said...

Parking ramps are expensive. Bike routes are cheap. What is my tuition paying for?

anon said...

Auto users are cranky. Bike users are relaxed. Can you blame us?