stp: How Long Has This Been Going On?

I've done some more reading on the LRT situation. First, I want to say that the University Avenue LRT is old news. "How old?" you ask . . . This is from a PiPress editorial from December 1988.


For nearly two decades, obstructionists in the metro area have whined about the supposed lack of comprehensive transportation planning, or they have delayed action by demanding studies of weird "solutions" ranging from Personalized Rapid Transit to Bus Skyways. When such proposals were found to be not cost-effective, the cry went up to do nothing until all the regional agencies were in agreement on a total transportation plan including freeways, metered access,...
Yes, that's an article from 1988 that uses the words "for nearly two decades."

Though, because the new Federal standards rate the University LRT's CEI (Cost Effectiveness Index) at around $24.5, far below the $28 cut-off point for federal funds, it might finally happen.

If, as the Strib suggests, the 2011 ETA is out-of-date . . . when will this thing be opening?

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Andrew said...

I think the Central Corridor goes even furthur back from the 1980's say around the late 70's. I would say the earliest we could see construction...maybe 2009 (at the earliest maybe 2008) and then operation around 2011-2012. If funding is delayed (as it has been) then the date could get pushed as far back as 2020, but I'm hopeful so 2014 and that's my final guess