media: Is 100.3 the New MPR?

I've been wanting to post about my other areas of interest, but haven't found the opportunity as of late.

Namely, the Twin Cities media and election scenes. (If you'll bear with me.) These are the "sidewalks" of our democracy, the public spaces where citizens share ideas and participate in an informed debate . . . at least in theory. And maintaining the media and democratic venues takes a lot of collective work.


But really, I just wanted ot point out that the new (swing state) 100.3 Talk Radio (Limbaugh) FM radio station's billboards are coincidentally very much like those of Minnesota Public Radio.One is blue on white, the other is white on blue, and both feature a wave-y logo thing and some sort of punchy slogan.

Coincidence or not?


Another uncanny happening happened when the Strib story about MPR's high executive salaries broke right in the middle of the MPR fund drive. Did anyone notice? Did they reach their goal? How businesslike can/should MPR get before they start abandoning their principles?

Or, is growth nothing but a good thing, when you consider a) the abysmal state of corporate media and b) the vibrant independent public radio scene in this state . . .

I report. You deride.

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