stp: Grand Avenue Formula Business Regulation

For anyone interested in why/how Siant Paul is going to regulate new business development along Grand Avenue, I refer you to the Institute for Local Self Reliance's excellent "New Rules" project. (They're a locally-based, national think tank that encoruages grassroots economic activity.)

Here's a snippet:

Economic Development

Support and fund comprehensive downtown revitalization and small business development programs.

In many cases, state economic development programs are focused on trying to attract outside corporations. Very little attention is paid to helping small businesses expand and new entrepreneurs get started. States should direct more of their economic development resources toward local business development. They also should establish comprehensive downtown revitalization programs and review state infrastructure and transportation policies to ensure they do not undermine the health and vitality of downtowns.

Saint Paul is leading the way. This kind of thing could happen anywhere neighbors and city brass agree on the unique value of a particular place.

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