mpls: Nicollet Avenuee Freeway Overbuilding

I read somewhere the the city of Minneapolis was thinking about building an overpass/tunnel thingy over I-94 along Nicollet Avenue. It would connect the two sides of Eat Street, and allow buildings to be built over the freeway.

Does anyone know more about how/when this beautiful idea could be funded? Does anyone know how much such a thing would cost?


Driver2165 said...

my understanding is that it's relatively inexpensive in areas with decent property value.

it's been done well in seattle and boston. great idea.

Wm said...

Wait a minute ... when you talk about Boston, are you talking about "The Big Dig?"

I have heard some horror stories about that.

Andrew said...

LOL, yeah try it ending up costing about $15 Billion Dollars and some flooding issues, but other than those two set backs...Did u guys read my Big Dig Twin Cities Post??